The Elite 6 chassis is a purpose-built refuse collection vehicle (RCV) chassis designed to meet the full spectrum of operational needs.

The low-entry, walk-through cab offers drivers the best direct vision of any RCV and creates an ergonomic and modern workstation for drivers and crews.

Dennis Eagle’s highly-adaptable RCV chassis is designed to work with Olympus bodies but easily accommodates any manufacturer’s body.

The Elite 6 chassis is 2,500mm wide and has a range of configurations to suit any operational requirement.

Elite 6 Euro 6

A workstation for the modern refuse worker
Building on Dennis Eagle’s unrivalled experience in the waste industry, the Elite 6 boasts a workstation that suits the needs and wellbeing of RCV drivers and crews.

Dennis Eagle has improved the safety of drivers, crews, and everyone around the RCV, as well as the vehicle’s operational efficiency. But above all, the Elite 6 has been ergonomically refined to give the driver more control than ever before.

Major developments in design and comfort marks the Elite 6 as the next generation of refuse collection vehicles for an ever-demanding industry.

Enhanced, refined, and ergonomically redesigned, the Elite 6 cab is based on its highly acclaimed predecessor, the Elite 2.

  • Low seating position helps eye contact
    The low position of the driving seat puts the driver closer to eye level with other road users. This encourages direct eye contact, which helps the driver understand what other pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers intend to do. This improved communication also directly enchances safety.
  • All the options to suit your needs
    The low-entry, walk-through Elite 6 cab offers seating options for dual control or driver and crew. Whichever you choose, the cab has been ergonomically designed to provide more space and comfort than ever before.
  • Ergonomics: put the drivers in control
    Drivers will appreciate the ergonomic design of the Elite 6. The controls have clean lines and a very user-friendly touch and feel, thanks to the use of new materials with improved finishes. A similar approach applied to the arrangement of the switch bank has led to a more natural and intuitive arrangement of the controls.
  • Fine-tuned to suit the individual
    The enhanced adjustability of both the seat and the steering column enables drivers to position themselves to their precise, personal needs.
  • Designed for 21st century convenience
    Modern working practices have also been considered and incorporated into the Elite 6 design. The cab now has plenty of USB ports for mobile devices. And there’s room for more storage in the header locker and net that are easier to reach as there is more space above the driver’s head, and we’ve fitted larger locker doors. And after listening to customers, more cup holders have been provided.
  • The best direct vision improved
    The Direct Vision Standard, devised by Transport for London, rated the Elite vehicles higher than any other truck. And they were the only HGVs with slam doors to receive a five-star rating. But design innovations have enabled the Elite 6 to provide drivers with even better direct vision to see and be seen.
  • The road-friendly RCV in your communities
    At a glance, the Elite 6 looks reassuringly familiar. This RCV is designed not to appear intimidating to other road users, and the low-seated driver will be at eye level to most of them. Of course, the Elite 6 has been put through crash safety tests to ensure it meets the latest standards, including Reg.29.03.
  • Innovations at the heart of safety
    In 2013, Dennis Eagle introduced individual seats for crew members enabling the outer seat to be recessed slightly. With the crew member sitting further back, the driver has better near side vision. In addition, the larger rear windows on both sides of the cab also improve direct vision.
  • Why seeing is believing
    Enabling drivers to see as much of the road as possible helps to reduce accidents and provides significant benefits for operators. You can save time and money by reducing insurance claims, saving vehicle downtime by needing fewer repairs, and reducing the costs of paying for replacement parts.
  • Well-lit for safe operations
    The bright, durable LED corner beacons are squared off to ensure the RCV is easily seen. Along with the front-mounted strobes and running lights, they alert other road users to the vehicle’s presence and also provide excellent illumination to make the crew more visible and help them work safely around the RCV.
  • Superb access to low-entry cab
    It is easy and safe to get in and out of the Elite 6 on both sides. The driver and crew have just one anti-slip step to climb. Entry to the cab is still the lowest on the market, at just 495 mm from ground to step. Curbside entry means a first step of around 200 mm, and the recessed outer seat makes access even easier.
  • A more relaxing and comfortable place to be
    The ride quality has been improved by the development and introduction of better mountings. And the increased cab insulation reduces noise reaching drivers and crews inside, enabling the Elite 6 to provide a quieter and less stressful working environment.

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