Australia’s clean green refuse machine stars in Brisbane

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May 14, 2015
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June 11, 2015

Australia’s cleanest refuse truck, the Dennis Eagle Elite 2, 6 x 4 Dual Control, featuring cutting edge RunWise® Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System technology, is set to star on the Penske Commercial Vehicles stand, at the 2015 Brisbane Truck Show. Developed by US company Parker Hannifin, RunWise® is the first ever Advanced Series Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System, which replaces the conventional transmission with a hydraulic version, to drive the truck via mechanical and hydraulic power. The Dennis Eagle with RunWise® Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System not only cuts fuel consumption by up to 50 percent, compared to a conventional refuse truck impressively, it can also boost productivity by up to 15 percent. The RunWise® Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System reduces the time lag between pressing the accelerator and the truck going forward, so the driver can move more rapidly between bins. As a result, more bins can be emptied per shift raising productivity. Like current Formula One cars, the RunWise® Hydraulic Hybrid Drive System has a brake energy recovery system, allowing the truck to significantly extend brake service intervals, thereby reducing maintenance costs and time off the road. HOW RUNWISE® WORKS 1. When the truck is started, the engine and primary bent axis motor charge the high-pressure accumulators. 2. As the driver presses the accelerator, stored energy drives the truck hydraulically. Once that energy is used up, the engine supplies the power. 3. Each time the driver presses the brakes; the system captures energy into the high-pressure accumulators. Therefore, the more stops the more saved energy and the more the truck drives hydraulically. 4. When the truck drives over speeds of 70 km/h the driveshaft connects directly with the engine to drive the truck in mechanical mode. FUEL SAVINGS RunWise® saves fuel two ways. First, by decoupling the engine from the wheels at speeds under 70 km/h, which allows the engine to operate at its peak efficiency. Secondly, recovering brake energy reduces the total fuel consumption of the vehicle. Combined, these features lower fuel consumption by up to 50 percent based on an average refuse truck consumption of 35,000 litres of diesel per annum. BRAKE SAVINGS The RunWise® system reduces heat friction on the brakes due to the pumps slowing the truck, preserving brake components and reducing replacements over the life of the truck. EMISSIONS RunWise® can reduce the amount of fuel burned up to 50 percent. In typical refuse routes, 80 percent of the drive time is spent at low speeds and thanks to the Runwise® Hydraulic Hybrid system a reduction of 43.58 tonnes of CO2 emissions per truck can be achieved. PRODUCTIVITY Adding more houses to routes while reducing overtime, thereby improving productivity, is possible by implementing the RunWise® system into a fleet. Unlike a traditional transmission, RunWise® offers instant torque so the driver can enjoy faster launches, smoother braking and less time from bin to bin, providing customers with a more efficient collection service. DESIGN The Dennis Eagle 2, 6x4 Dual Control purpose built refuse truck features a forward-mounted, low-slung cabin with large glass areas that provides excellent all-round visibility, and has quickly established itself as the market leader in this specialist niche. The walk-through ECE R29 compliant cabin features a low floor, with one (bright yellow for safety) step entry and is more akin to a passenger car, with powerful air conditioning, integrated seatbelt in the driver’s air suspended seat, an audio system, tinted glass, rear, side, front and kerb mirrors. DRIVELINE The Dennis Eagle Elite 2, 6 x 4 Dual Control features a six-cylinder, 8.9 litre Euro 5 Cummins ISLe engine, that produces 280 hp (208 kW) and 1060 Nm @ 1100-1600 rpm. SUSPENSION The fluid ride and load capability of the Dennis Eagle Elite 2, 6x4 Dual Control is due to the Hendrickson Quadtek Air suspension and telescopic dampers up front and the Hendrickson Primaxx Air rear suspension. STEERING The steering wheel has tilt and telescopic adjustment and with just five turns lock-to-lock, the Dennis Eagle Elite 2, 6x4 Dual control is highly maneuverable. BRAKES Standard is a twin circuit, full-air, four-channel ABS disc brake system with traction control. ON SALE Penske Commercial Vehicles, Dennis Eagle, Superior Pak and Parker Australia are now set to begin trialing the world’s most advanced Hydraulic Hybrid system with key strategic partners. Following the trials, sales will commence late 2016. DENNIS EAGLE AUSTRALIA Since Penske Commercial Vehicles introduced the Dennis Eagle specialty truck range to Australia in 2011, it has led the Australian refuse industry with many groundbreaking innovations and industry firsts including: • Low entry walk-through single and dual control vehicles. • Factory built 1+3 man cab for Rear Loader operations. • Triple downward looking mirrors for all around visibility on dual control vehicles. • Sub 4900 mm wheelbase with full size Side Loader body for best in class productivity and turn circle performance. • Fully integrated refuse collection vehicle (with Olympus Rear Loader). • Advanced European bin lift technology with enhanced safety and productivity features. • Electric bin lift technology for reduced fuel economy and emission reductions. • Cummins ISL G Westport compressed natural gas engine for refuse collection. • Intelligas advanced High Density CNG storage system for refuse collection. • And finally as a proven market leader, the first to introduce true one stop sales, service and support for complete vehicles.

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